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Award winning makeup artists in NJ

Our company believes that even if life isn’t perfect, your makeup can be

Our On Location Makeup Services will make exquisite beauty within your reach. We started with a vision in mind: beauty for all locations and all occasions.

The flurry of our daily grind can be overwhelming and with priorities stacked up on each other, makeup is often pushed aside. We are dedicated in making makeup, hair, beauty and all that goes with it, accessible to the busy bee. On location makeup services is your best bet in getting glam without batting an eyelid. You can start looking breathtakingly gorgeous in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a bride, a drag queen, a beauty pageant contestant, a prom goer, or a man who needs makeup, you don’t need stress and pressure to take over your need for beauty because our roster of the best makeup artists is only one call away. We value our clients and we will strive in making them smile – a beautiful lipstick smile, that is.

We will work hard to make your day as flawless as your makeup

You are already innately beautiful, but we will work our magic through makeup to make you feel powerful. Our makeup artists have top notch skills and seasoned freelance makeup artists will bring out the best in you. Conquer the day with a swipe of bold lipstick, strut your stuff with flawless airbrush makeup, take on any challenge with fierce smokey eye makeup and make sweet and beautiful memories without breaking a sweat!   

We will make sure that the outer beauty of our clients will reflect their radiant inner beauty. Our personalized makeup lessons will equip you with enough makeup skills that you will never had a bad makeup day ever again!

Philadelphia and New Jersey residents can just dial our number and we’ll be there in a jiffy (make sure to book in advance!) Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and be beautiful!


Prices Start At $250

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