Airbrush Makeup Service

Advanced airbrush application techniques


Phones, televisions, audio, photography, everything in this modern age is already in High Definition — even makeup.

HD makeup is the latest innovation in the cosmetics industry. It has incorporated traditional makeup techniques with state-of-the-art equipment. Say goodbye to sponges, brushes and sticky fingers because you only need an *drumroll* airbrush!

We’re giving you the scoop on this in-demand makeup procedure. Continue reading and we will answer questions that may have been boggling your mind.

What is airbrush?

It is quite similar to the spray tanning process but with makeup. It makes use of a spray to evenly distribute the foundation on the face as compared to sponges which can be streaky and patchy if done hastily. Along with that, an airbrush is more hygienic as the tool does not directly touch the face. If your skin is sensitive and you easily break out from dirty sponges or double dipping your brush, look for an airbrush makeup artist near you.

How heavy is its coverage?

Will I have a shade match? Whether you need just a sheer amount or a full coverage foundation, airbrush makeup is very flexible and versatile. With its wide array of shades, no matter what skin you are in, airbrush makeup artists will surely have something for you.

What sets it apart from regular makeup?

Airbrush makeup for weddings is highly sought after because of its “photoshop” effect. Yes, you read it right! Airbrush makeup will give you that Instagram filter looks but in real life! You will look like you have naturally flawless skin.

Is it only for weddings?

No! This type of makeup is often used for weddings but it is also perfect for photo shoots and other special events like prom. Even if you want to use it “just because”, you can totally do so! It is such a seamless procedure that no one would ever notice that you made that extra step.

How long will airbrush last?

The makeup can last up to 12 hours, or even longer, depending on the person’s skin type. The best part about this type of makeup is that it looks great both on camera and in person. The best part? Even if you are wearing it for a considerable amount of time, it is so lightweight, you will almost forget you have makeup on!

If you haven’t experienced airbrush makeup yet, you are missing out! We are here to let you in on the airbrush craze. Book our airbrush makeup experts to get you looking flawless in rapid fire!

If you are contemplating on whether or not this type of makeup service is for you, then the only key to know for sure is to try it for yourself! Book us for your next event to experience our cutting edge airbrush tools along with the knack of making everything beautiful with our touch. If you have questions regarding this type of makeup application, feel free to reach us via phone 856-452-3140.  We are happy to accommodate any query or concerns that you have about airbrush makeup. We will commit to making your day as flawless as your makeup!

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