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By Glam Soul


The best cosmetic you can have is passion.

Here at Black Essence Makeup Artistry, we have an intense passion for beauty, cosmetics and all that comes with it. We believe in making Philadelphia a beautiful place, one client at a time. Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love and what better way to spread the love to our beauties than by helping them radiate utmost beauty and confidence.

Philadelphia is a haven For art and events.

Everywhere you turn, it will be brimming with color, music and good food. We want to reflect the vibrancy the city offers through our artistry. Make sure that you will always look like a million bucks with our luscious looks to every event you go to. Whether you are going on a Philadelphia food crawl, or museum hopping and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture or taking part in the numerous festivals the city has to offer, there’s definitely room for makeup!

With the city lights and gorgeous landscape as your background, you should always be photo-ready when you go and paint the town red. Memories will be immortalized with every snapshot you take and it is best to look drop-dead gorgeous on every single photo. Our services is your key to get a head-turning look no matter where your feet takes you.


The Best Makeup Artists for Our Ebony Queens

Black women have features that are to-die-for and painting that canvas is always a delight. However, we are not oblivious to the fact that it is a struggle to find an artist that cater to even the deepest skin tones. The dark-skinned beauties of the world deserve to be treated with utmost precision but with the limited choices in the cosmetic market, you may find yourself scrambling to get hold of the perfect foundation that will match your skin tone. Getting that flawless look does not have to seem like mission impossible. Leave it to an African American artist to get every detail down to a T.

Women of color, we got you all covered (with beautiful makeup, that is!)

We know the dilemma our women face when it comes to preparing for a big day. The wrong shade of foundation can make your base ashy and can imminently destroy your whole look. It can get tricky for women of color but Black Essence Makeup artistry has you all covered from the base to the lipstick until the false lashes!

If you are babe who needs magical hands to transform you into a perfect 10, then you have come to the right place. Convenient beauty is what we offer. When you feel like knocking everyone off of their feet, call on 215-558-5241 and let us do the rest.


Words of Radiance From Your Local Makeup Artist

Makeup Design

Philadelphia is widely recognized to have the most public art in the whole country. So expect that every corner of this city is overflowing with Instagrammable murals and we want the beauty of this city to reflect on every smiling face. Every nook is a photo opportunity, so you have to be prepared for every opportune moment. You do not have to be bothered roaming the streets in search of an artist to pamper your dark skin. We are here to equip you with the best beauty experience of your life.

Your first memories deserve to be beautiful.

Philadelphia is a city of firsts. The first flag, first hospital, first bank and a whole lot more ‘firsts’ were witnessed by this city. Make your own ‘firsts’ memorable by booking our black makeup artist Philadelphia to make you look unforgettable. If you haven’t tried a black girl makeup service before, then this is a perfect time (and city) to dip your toe in the water. We will set into motion the best looks so you will be set for a night in the town or a walk down in Fairmount Park. Our roster has the best black girl makeup looks up their sleeve just waiting for a blank canvas. 


Whatever season or event you are attending in Philly, we can drop by wherever you are. Call 215-558-5241 to inquire about our African American makeup artist near me and patronize our exquisite services.


Melanin-rich Beauties: Celebrating Diversity through Makeup

A modern woman-on-the-go have their hands full most of the time. For the times that you want to look ravishing with minimal effort, our services are a dream come true. Whether you are a bride getting ready to walk down the aisle, a yuppie getting ready for her job interview, a boss lady sprucing up for a big presentation, a hopeless romantic preparing for a date or simply a lover of beauty, you deserve to indulge yourself in pampering sessions that will give you that burst of confidence.

Optimal Beauty Made Easy

Although putting on a full face, especially if you are a busy bee, is not a walk in the park. It can get chaotic when details are not cut and dried. When you are laying out your plans for a big day, Keep us in mind because we will make the process hassle-free. We will come to your home while you relax and take time to smell the roses.

Makeup for black women is challenging from the get-go. From picking the products to applying it on your face, it will seem easier said than done. Special occasions such as your wedding day, however, are not days for trial and error. You need a professional makeup artist for black women to make everything stress-free and effortless.

Tips and Tricks for Ebony Beauties

Airbrush Makeup ServiceAn ashy face and an unflattering lipstick shade could ruin your whole ensemble. Do not let a botchy face steal your thunder. The best makeup for black women takes skill and expertise of a seasoned artist.

1. Your foundation can make or break a look. It may take some time to scour the racks for the shade that will match you like second skin but our local makeup artists are equipped with a wide range of foundation colors.

2. You do not have to stick with neutral colors. Some women tend to settle for the browns, blacks, and the nudes because it is ‘safe’. There’s no harm in injecting vivid hues to your eyeshadow or lips as long as you know the right tones for your skin. We have a line-up of creative wizards in mixing and matching palettes to accentuate and highlight your best features and make your skin glow at the same time.

3. Dark lips are the bee’s knees. If there’s anything besides your foundation that can make your whole look crumble, it is your lipstick. You can still play and experiment with a kaleidoscope of colors but dark tones work best against your bronze complexion.

You can rely on us to know their way with a brush (or an airbrush) to get your self-confidence in full throttle. Call 215-558-5241 to get a free quotation and wait for us to arrive with our train-case jampacked with cutting edge cosmetic products along with killer talent!

Melanin Makeup
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