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Welcome to the place where beauty is gospel!

Upcoming event? You have landed on the right page! If you are looking for a professional makeup artist based in Camden, NJ. Say no more! Destiny has led you to our place where magical hands reveal the beauty from within. Here at Onsite Makeup in Camden New Jersey, everything our makeup artists touch transforms drab into fab!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’d like to add a dash more. If you want a sure fire way to look effortlessly put-together no matter what outfit is thrown over your shoulders, then a flawless, foolproof makeup look by our professional makeup artist is exactly what you need!

Everything special for your most special occasions

Makeup has become an inevitable part of a woman’s life. It has surpassed recreation and has become a necessity. Some cannot go out of the house without a dab of their concealer or powder. It is considered a catastrophe when you go a day without your eyebrows on fleek. What more if you attend a special event without looking your best? Utter disaster! So if these following events are in the near horizon, it is a good idea to plan ahead so you can splurge on the best special occasion makeup in Camden, NJ:

Weddings (As guest, entourage or as the bride)
• Prom
• Graduation
• Reunions (Family/Alumni Homecoming)
• Romantic Date Nights (Anniversaries/Honeymoon)
Photoshoots (Prenup/Headshots)

These are just a fraction of the events that we think putting on makeup is an absolute MUST! This handful is the most photographed moments in a woman’s life but technically, you do not need a special event to hire a pro makeup artist. When you have the resources, the time and you feel the need for a little pampering, why not?


Prices Start At $250

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Only the Best in the Biz

Makeup is art. It enhances the beauty of the person through the gentle application of high-quality products. This is much like painting on a blank canvas. It turns something beautiful into something extraordinary. This beautiful art, however, can get messy if you do not have enough skill. It is one thing to have it as a hobby, but it is another to make it as a career. When you have a special occasion coming up, it is best to leave it to the hands of our experts who have been practicing this for years.

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Makeup Artist

Hiring a makeup artist will benefit you tenfold. Here are some reasons why hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist is the best decision you will make today:

1. All you have to do is sit back and relax! Stress contributes to a less than satisfying appearance. When you have to do everything all by yourself with minimum knowledge and skill, you become frustrated… and maybe even sweaty. This becomes a hindrance to keeping your freshness by the time your event starts! Hiring a hair and makeup artist to make you look your best is like having a spa day. You deserve a little R&R so why not indulge in a prestige makeup service. It will lessen your worries while prepping for a big day, giving you the chance to take time and enjoy the flowers.

2. A professional makeup artist knows what’s best! From the eyebrow shape to the shade of lipstick, a pro knows what’s best. To avoid a fashion faux pas, the right products, and the right application is vital. When you are in the hands of a pro, there will be no white cast in photos and zero streaks of blush and lipstick all over your dress. Seek the help of our experts who know exactly which products to make you look fabulous.

3. It saves you a significant amount of time… and money! The process of the perfect makeup look is not that simple. You have to purchase the right HQ products. You also have to know how to properly apply it so that it will not make you look like a floating head in camera. However, not all of us were born with skilled hands and extensive know-how. Our makeup artist agency has a team of the most competent and skilled artists who will do everything from picking the makeup products to the application of your false eyelashes. You are bound


Even more reasons why you should call our makeup experts

4. Longer-lasting coverage. When you want a makeup look that lasts all throughout the day or until the end of the event at least, you need to seal the deal with something apart from your usual daily makeup routine. Airbrush is a makeup tool that makes your base stick to your skin longer without piling on layers and layers of foundation. It makes your skin look naturally smooth and flawless for an extended time period. So you have to ask yourself “Is there an airbrush makeup artist near me?” You are in luck because we have the airbrush tools and artists on your beck and call!

5. Special Techniques. There are some things you cannot learn from a youtube tutorial. A lot of special techniques are formed by years of experience with various types of customers. Our team of freelance makeup artist has a lot the tricks up their sleeves to make them look more flawless and not to mention done faster. The efficient combination of training and experience will make your whole look appear superior!

Put Color into Your Life by Hiring a Local Makeup Artist

We only wish to provide women of Camden NJ with the best services and a second-to-none experience. Our passion for hair, makeup, and everything beauty know no limits. We undertook every possible measure to make our local makeup company world-class quality. You can rely on us to be prepared with all the best quality makeup products and tools along with extensive knowledge and top-notch skill, creativity, and talent of our makeup artist.


• They will carefully assess your skin type and skin tone before making the magic happen. This is to guarantee that they will bring all the best products that will suit your skin tone so that it blends seamlessly to your natural skin. We have black makeup artists who specialize in making people of color bring out and enhance their natural beauty!
• They also take into consideration the color of your outfit and also the time of the event to know whether to apply day or night makeup. Wedding makeup artists know that a blushing bride needs the spotlight on her without overdoing it. Just tell us all about your preferences and needs and our creative minds will work overtime to plan out something you will love! Photoshoot
• Aside from makeup, we give importance to your skin’s health. Sanitation and skin care rituals are done before and after the session. Dirty brushes, old sponges and messy train cases have no room in our method. Extra steps are undertaken to ensure zero breakouts for our clients. You are in safe (and clean) hands!

Get dolled up before you conquer the world
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A modern woman can take on any endeavor no matter how simple or significant. It only takes confidence paired with our favorite (and only) weapon of choice: Makeup! The power of makeup is undeniable. We believe that all women are already beautiful even without makeup but there is indescribably power even the simplest makeup look can bring. If you have not witnessed the strength and self-esteem a simple swipe of a powder brush can bring to a woman, then it never too late to jump in the wagon. It is easy as ABC. All you need to do is to dial our number and let us know your details and the event your attending and we’ll take care of the rest.

Mobile Makeup Artists to the Rescue!

Busy bee? Go-getter? Hustler? We understand that women are always on the go and some are too busy reaching for the stars that they do not have time to put on makeup themselves. Onsite Makeup will make it happen anyway. You deserve to indulge in a pamper session with our mobile makeup artists. If you do not have time to travel and visit the nearest salon to get your hair and makeup done, we can come to wherever you are in Camden NJ. 

Exceptional makeup for the exceptional woman. You deserve the best so we strive to provide you with nothing but the best! Experience excellence on the chair of our best makeup artist NJ has ever seen right at the comfort of your own home. Sit back, relax and let us make you stunning. Remember those photographs from years past? Have you ever regretted your hair and makeup way back then? Rely on a personal makeup artist to see to it that you will always be photo-ready. Never have a nasty photo op ever again! 


Bring out Your Best Features with Onsite Makeup Camden

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Reach out to us for any questions you have running through your mind. We can provide our rates and information about our affordable makeup services. Call 856-210-2145 and we will gladly shed light!

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