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Beauty and the Best: Cherry Hill’s Makeup Gurus

Welcome to our world-class professional mobile makeup artist service! Onsite Makeup Cherry Hill is committed to providing premium makeup services for the beautiful Cherry Hill NJ. We are proponents of everything beautiful and makeup is our instrument to spread our love of beauty! Our team of makeup masters will make you look drop-dead gorgeous in no time. We come up with a makeup look that will suit your personal preferences and reflect your personality. Every look will be designed to fit the occasion, whether it be indoors or outdoors, formal or casual.


Prices Start at $250

Find Great Pleasure in Makeup, Trust in the Hands of a Pro!

In a hustling and bustling city like Cherry Hill, New Jersey, convenience and luxury are all bundled up in one suburb. Take advantage of what the place has to offer and spoil yourself to a luxurious pamper session. Sometimes with your busy schedules, you forget to squeeze in time for yourself to stop and smell the roses!

You deserve to indulge in services that will alleviate you from all the stress – and we all know which is the number one stress reliever for women: MAKEUP! There’s nothing like a dab of eyeshadow or a swipe of lipstick can do to a bad day. So if you are looking for the ultimate pick-me-upper, hiring a professional makeup artist should be at the top of your list!

Mobile makeup artists to the rescue!

Have you ever experienced visiting a salon to get your makeup and hair done for an event? You sashay to the nearest salon only to find it already jam-packed with customers! In this scenarios, busy makeup artists could not accommodate you unless you wait in line! What a bummer, right? Gladly, there is a solution to this common dilemma: Onsite Makeup!

Onsite Makeup is a makeup artist agency that you comes to you when the need for makeup arises. No queues, no wasted time, we rush to your side! We dispatch professional makeup artists to come to your home to make the magic happen

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Ready, Get Set, and Go Glam!

Like everything Cherry Hill is, our makeup artist agency aims to be both convenient and luxurious for all our clients. You won’t ever have to break a sweat looking for salons to offer you a chair.

If you have been the type to spend hours trying to recreate a Pinterest makeup look with your limited makeup products, you there’s a shortcut to a head-turning look. Don’t end up spending hours in front of the mirror with only a subpar replica of the makeup look you want to achieve. Why go through all that trouble when you can let someone do it for you in half the time and zero effort? Glam up through the skilled and light hands of our pros so you can be out that door in less time.

You Matter to Us!

Who says only the rich and famous are the only ones who could have a visit from top makeup artists? You deserve to have the same star treatment without needing to spend sky-high prices. You can avail of top notch hair and makeup services under your own roof. Avoid the usual fiasco that comes with preparations. The goal is to look stress-free for your event, and not the other way around!

Spend less time stressing and spend more time All you need is to call on a personal makeup artist to do the work for you. While you sit back and relax, we make your desired look come to fruition. We can provide the best makeup artist for your specific needs and events. Before you rummage your dresser for makeup to use, we have you covered in that aspect, too! The makeup you use is a big deal in making the whole look flawless and fool-proof. When you hire us, you can guarantee that high quality, top of the line makeup is already in the bag.

Your Makeup Matters, Too!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but sometimes, a little makeup wouldn’t hurt. A swish and a flick of a pro makeup artist’s brush can deliver the look you desire. Ordinary is not in the vocabulary of our makeup artist agency. We try to keep every single detail of our services extraordinary!


Our stash of makeup products and tools. Quality is important in making the look seem more flawless and natural. We won’t sacrifice quality over affordability so we invest in stuff that the beauty industry swears by. Ask for our mac makeup artist and we will send over a trained pro on the world-famous beauty brand. Who wants a cakey face that does not match with the neck? No one! No more horror stories of a flashbacks in photos or a patchy blush that makes you look like a clown. We never settle for anything less than the best!

We do not want to leave any one out! We cater both sides of the spectrum. So whether you are the palest snow white or the darkest chocolate, we have you covered. We have just the right foundation shade for you! We like to keep it wide range so that we can reach out to more clients. If you are having trouble searching everywhere for a “black makeup artist near me” that will have the perfect vision and the skills to make your natural skin tone look its best, then no need to search any further!


Skin Safe Practices

Having a good makeup day is one thing, having healthy skin is another. We cannot deny that makeup is pretty but it can also be harmful for your skin when the wrong products are used for your skin type. Improper cleaning of tools and a messy workspace will also result in unhygienic and damaging effects towards the skin. We follow health and hygiene protocols to keep those acne-causing germs away from your face.

Professionalism and Passion

The duo to a sure-fire success! Experience both when you choose Onsite Makeup Cherry Hill!

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Natural Beauty Through Makeup is Our Gospel

A friendly reminder from your local makeup artists: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

And you should flaunt it! Makeup is used to highlight your organic beauty and charm. Never be shy while wearing makeup. While it might be a camouflage or a cover for some, it can also be a form of self expression. It can be a way to boost and assert your self-confidence by accentuating your best assets. Be proud to put on makeup, not because it changes who you are, but because it brings out your best!

We do not simply put what we think look pretty, but we will also apply it based on your individuality. You won’t look like someone else. You’ll look like a new and improved version of your already beautiful self! Our makeup artists will work around what you have and enhance it. Careful thought and process will be put into makeup selection and application so that it will be oh-so-flattering.

You will be amazed on how our makeup techniques are unbelievably light and natural. On top of looking gorgeous, you’ll certainly feel gorgeous. We guarantee that the makeup up look we whip up for you are:

easy to wear
no stickiness
fool proof and sweat proof
kind to your skin
flattering to your features
smooth pores
skin matching
photo friendly

It’s hard to keep up with the fast-growing, ever-changing industry of makeup but our team keeps up to date with the latest and hottest looks as well as fresh new techniques. Our freelance makeup artists consistently hone their talents and improve their skills so you will always get an advanced and high quality makeup service.

We’re Here For You for All Your Special Occasions

Celebrations are meant to be stress-free but let’s be honest, putting on makeup can ignite pressure to any woman wanting to look good for their memorable occasion!

On the other hand, we simply could not live without putting on a full-face of glam! On location services are heaven-sent when prepping for special events. You do not have to go through all that trouble when you hire our traveling makeup artist. We go to where you are!

Onsite Makeup Cherry Hill wants you to have the best makeup experience so we make it as convenient as possible. We are not your ordinary makeup agency, we take the extra mile to make you happy, and beautiful, of course.

Special occasions are etched in every personal history and memory therefore, it deserves a stunning makeup look! Never let a memory forever be tainted by a botched makeup look. Hire OnSite Makeup for these occasions:

Celebrations (Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.)
Photo Shoots

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