Once upon a time, it all started with a phone call To a makeup artist

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Appointments should be done in advance as our slots become jam-packed with clients scrambling for a makeup fix. Don’t fret! We will gladly accommodate your needs, just reach out to us through our hotline.

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Our services are only one call away! Call 856-452-3140 when you have an upcoming New Jersey wedding, a fashion show, photo shoots, prom, pageants, whatever formal and informal events you have, we have a freelance makeup artist at your beck and call. Choose from our full range of services to make you look your best at every occasion. When you inquire a service, we can provide a quote estimate so you can get it out of your worries. No, our services will cost you an arm and a leg!

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We can answer your makeup related concerns over the phone and we will gladly provide a quick piece of advice. Not sure what eye shadow goes well with your prom dress? Racking your brain on a lipstick color for your bridal gown or you simply need a guru’s two cents? We are here to lend you a helping hand. However, we want to be there for you in real time. Our craft is easier to carry out if we see you in the flesh. This way, we can assess your skin type and skin tone. We will also customize your makeup to make it seamlessly blend well with your ensemble.


Prices Start at $250

Dial 856-452-3140 now!

If you want an in-depth discussion and application of makeup strategies and techniques, inquire about our cosmetic lessons. If you are an aspiring makeup artist yourself, we’ll equip you with the tricks of the trade so you can make your passion come to life.

Email: southjerseymakeup@gmail.com

Phone: 856-452-3140

Service Locations: South Jersey & Philadelphia

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