Make Up Lessons

Give the girl the power of makeup and she can conquer the world!

The best makeup artist can only go so far in making you dazzling until you finally strip off every smear of makeup after a long day. Once you’ve experienced a life-changing makeup service, you will develop a lasting relationship with it. It starts out as the desire to put on makeup to binging makeup videos in youtube to splurging on the best cosmetics in the market until something stops you from doing it regularly – the skill.
Putting on makeup is an art. While some are born with the talent, some still wrestle with a makeup brush. Lack of makeup skills should not stop you from pursuing this passion, even just as a hobby. Youtube makeup tutorials may be the low-cost alternative but if you want to kick your makeup skills in high gear, you need to learn in real time.

Experience is always the best teacher. Which better way to learn than from those with the most experience in the field. Get the chance to learned from seasoned makeup artists by booking makeup lessons in Mobile Makeup Artist South Jersey.

It is always nice to have a makeup artist pamper your face but there are times when schedules might be fully booked, when you are away from home or when a session might not fit in your budget. Given this, it is always a bonus to have ample skills up your sleeves so you can confidently do makeup on yourself. Our professional makeup artists will share the tricks of the trade so you can be ready to glam up wherever you are!

Makeup Techniques from our Mobile Makeup Academy Professionals

Our team of professional makeup artists in NJ will arm you with their powerful weapons: makeup brushes, liners, sponges and the works! We will teach you how to properly work these tools and enlighten you on which are the proper brushes for powder, shadow, contour, blush, lips, and highlight. Knowing these will make the application more precise and flawless.

We will gradually teach you the basics of makeup application such as prepping the skin and applying the base until the more complex know-how like color correcting, highlight and contour and eye-shadows. 

Makeup Lessons
Make Up Artists


It will not only be about the application but you will also learn how to customize your makeup to accentuate your best features and conceal your insecurities and imperfections. We will determine which shade is perfect for your undertones, what lipstick goes best for your skin and the whole shebang. You can also take lessons for specific makeup looks; the natural, quirky, vibrant, or glamorous.

Your makeup products will not simply sit on your dresser any longer. With these basic skills from our local makeup artist, you can play around with your personal collection of tools and cosmetics. Our lessons will mimic an art class where we will demonstrate how to do it on half of your face then you will get the chance to recreate the other half. This way, you can see your progress and points of improvement. 

To launch your future in makeup, just call 856-452-3140. Book our professional makeup artist lessons and get ready for take-off! 

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