You are never fully dressed without a smile – and a full face of makeup!

Mobile Makeup is here for you through thick and thin (eyeliners). You are always beautiful no matter how much makeup you put on on the daily. There are certain moments when you want that glow and pizza to go beyond compare! The moments that we live and work for deserve a special kind of attention.

If you do not put makeup on regularly, you might want to lay off experimenting because it can go off the wall easily and not to mention, you will work yourself up when you should be relaxing and enjoying. These photo-album moments do not have room for mediocrity so you cannot afford to settle for a so-so look. You need a makeup professional nearby that will share their expertise to make you look and feel your best.

We are here to help you put your best face forward. Mobile Makeup is here to pave the way to  living your best life gorgeously!


Prices Start at $250

What makes a special occasion special?

These are the moments when you consider it to be one for the books. When the first instinct is to whip out your camera to internalize every single minute. These are the moments you want to look back on years from now. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, bridal showers are just some of the occasions that require that extra sparkle.
Although the term ‘special’ can be expanded into more than just celebrations and gatherings. Moments can be considered special if you want it to be special. You can make a regular day special by doing self-love measures such as pampering yourself with a spa day or a makeup session at home. Everyday can be a special occasion. So if you want to make any run-of-the-mill day an extraordinary one, let us slap on that glitter, swipe on that eyeliner and instantly turn your day around!

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Choose to Celebrate with Mobile Makeup Artist South Jersey

Philly Makeup

For a teenage girl, prom is one of the most magical events they will remember until adulthood. From getting a date to finding the perfect dress, it can be a complete frenzy in addition to school work. Let a makeup artist in nj for prom strip you off your worries. Makeup will be one less thing to worry about so you can focus about more important things like having a good time!
Aside from prom, certain holidays require a bit more sprucing up. Christmas parties, New Year’s ball, Fourth of July and a multitude of holiday parties are the events which will be highly documented. Look good from every angle when you opt for the best makeup artist in nj.
You need a special kind of makeup technique when preparing for these momentous occasions. Most likely, camera flashes will be all around so you need the right blend of foundation and primer to avoid that ‘white cast face’ and an all-too-shiny base against those flashing lights. Longevity is a big factor if you do not want a melting face to get in the way of you having a blast and luckily we are equipped with the most stable and long-wearing cosmetics. Let’s not forget to make it waterproof so that you will still look stunning even during those tear-jerking moments.
Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or get totally glammed up, Mobile Makeup Artist South Jersey will go wherever you are in the area to get you all set to make some memories. All you need to do is to dial 856-452-3140 to make your special occasions more phenomenal.

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