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An event of this magnitude requires nothing but the best wedding hair and makeup artist  and we can definitely provide that for you! After all, the bride shouldn’t be bothered with grueling preparations on her wedding day. The blooming bride should be stress-free and fresh on her big day. Whether it is solely for the bride or her bridal party, we have your back!

For the bride, her wedding day is one of the (if not the) most important events in her life. A bride-to-be naturally wants to look perfect. All eyes will be on her from the moment she walks down the aisle until goodbyes are said after the reception. Since it is her moment, she is the center of attention.

For this reason, her wedding makeup look is of great importance. Picking the right wedding makeup natural look is critical in making a bride feel radiant inside and out. Bridal makeup is completely different than your “everyday” casual makeup. A bride cannot simply go out on her wedding day looking like she does on the regular but it is also not advisable to go overboard with the cosmetic products. You do not want to cover up but enhance your natural beauty instead.

If you are familiar with the “no-makeup makeup look”, then it is what we are going for. You are already naturally beautiful and we just want to emphasize and highlight this.


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To come through with this look, we follow a certain recipe to bring out all blushing brides natural beauty. The ingredients include:

Natural Lip

A common misconception is that bold lipsticks should be a priority as it attracts the most attention but a bold lipstick, such as red, will cause more trouble than you would have thought. Since white is almost always the color of the bride’s dress, it will be prone to stains and smudges if you pick a scarlet lipstick. So we are widely equipped with nude and pink lipsticks for your big day.

Wispy Lashes

Another trick of the trade is to make your eyes pop without piling on the eyeliner and eyeshadow. The secret? Fake lashes. We’ve got you covered with eye-popping artificial lashes that will frame beautifully the window of your soul.

Flawless Foundation

Long wearing is the name of the game. The base is probably the most important of all. So we will use a foundation that is full coverage, concealing all your insecurities but we will keep it lightweight that so it will feel like second skin. In addition, we use products that are not transferable, because you do not want to leave foundation marks on the groom or anywhere else!

Waterproof Everything

From mascara to blush, everything should be sealed in place. A wedding is a sensitive place where emotions are at an all-time high. Tears will be overflowing with the music and the solemn vows. So it is best to be ready when the teardrops start falling.

Hire the best for your big day

Consider yourself spoiled by our wedding makeup glam team. It is worth the extra time to prep and prime because this is a once in a lifetime event. You deserve to look perfect while making the most unforgettable memories. No need to worry about hideous candids because no matter what angle, you will look immaculate! Indulge in your most memorable moment without worrying if your mascara smudged.

You can surely take the trouble and the worry out of your hands because we are here to ensure that your wedding day is like a dream come true. We will take care of everything, up until the smallest details. A worry-free experience is in the books if you book your wedding with us! The only problem that you might face is that the groom might have a hard time keeping his eyes off of you.

Say “I do” to the pamper session with our mobile makeup artists in NJ and Philadelphia!

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